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From process to profitability in real-time.

Have you ever thought that while a product is being manufactured, much valuable data is available, but the key personnel (of which you may be one) often do not know about it?

That’s because typically, the data is never made available to support analysis and decision-making. Opportunities are lost every day to convert all this valuable manufacturing data into higher quality and profit levels in plants all over the world.

Manufacturing systems, especially process control and discrete automation systems, produce large volumes of data. On its own, the data has no real value. At the other end of the chain, business managers require succinct, timely information such as Key Performance Indicators, and don’t have time to wade through reams of raw data. Unfortunately, the chain is often broken, and that’s where the story ends, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The power is in the data

We all know the old adage “Knowledge Is Power”. Wouldn’t it be truly powerful if you could see at once, in a single snapshot, the current status of all your manufacturing systems, with the facility to drill down to investigate the detail only when necessary? Wouldn’t your business perform better if you and your key team members knew immediately which machines, processes and lines were going through downtime, performing under-efficiently, or producing bad or sub-standard product?

How can you extract the power from the data?

To leverage the power in the data, what you need is a way to interconnect all these sources of data, enforce the rules that apply to your business, merge and convert the results into a meaningful form, then to present this critical information to the right people at the right time, in an understandable and actionable way.

We provide the solutions; you provide the factory

At Data Layers, we give manufacturers the tools they need to achieve, sustain and even surpass higher levels of quality and profitability. Our solutions facilitate:

  • Interconnection of legacy systems, data entry systems and automated systems with state of the art IT systems
  • Consolidating all data sources simultaneously
  • Real-time detection and alerting of production quality issues
  • Up to date  reporting of production and process status
  • Enabling fully informed management decision making
Do you want to discover the power in your data and use it to increase your quality and profitability levels?



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Decisions will continue to be made in isolation from the relevant data. Every day is another lost opportunity to increase profitability and quality


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