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Here is a selection of what our customers have been saying about OPCWare products and services:

  • August 2006

    I have been working with OPC software for a long time. I've been using a whole variety of HMI and SCADA systems. When I was faced with the challenge to come up with simple, inexpensive but reliable HMI system, I tried several options but even with all my experience nothing seemed straightforward so I was searching for an easier solution and then I found OPCWareXL. From the moment I decided on using OPCWareXL I have been patting myself on the back. I frequently need to set up new configurations and OPCWareXL gives me complete flexibility and takes very little time to set up.

    Terence Gober, Automation Engineer, ACS, Houston, TX, USA

  • April 2006

    Our company has been in the business of developing custom process monitoring and control system software since 1988. After determining recently that utilizing OPC technology would greatly enhance and simplify our product mix, we evaluated some of the development tools on the market that could provide the flexibility that we needed. The OPCWare ActiveX software offered by Data Layers looked promising, so after evaluating the fully functional demo, we purchased the software. Simply put, I have not been more pleased with a software purchase. Not only did the package deliver in terms of functionality, ease of use, and thorough documentation, the technical support for the product is the best that I have experienced. Kudos to Data Layers on a job well done.

    Tim Clark, VP R&D, Computer Control & Integration, Inc., Greenville, SC USA

  • August 2005

    I am very happy with the ease of use of OPCWare Client Developer to quickly develop OPC clients at a much more reasonable price then most of the HMI/SCADA software packages I have tested. Using OPCWare Client Developer for me is overall the best alternative solution compared to either the very sophisticated but expensive commercial HMI/SCADA packages or the complex programming invloved with the automation wrapper.

    Frederik Michiels, IT Manager, Michiels Fabrieken NV, Zulte, Belgium

  • January 2005

    Your software has speeded up the development of the software part of our project and solved the problem we were facing with communications between MS Excel and a Siemens PLC. Installation and redistribution were clear and easy, and the support from you was excellent. We are going to use the product in our future projects as well. Taking into account the free runtime possibilities, I think the price is about right. With you we have got a better product for the same money as your competitors. We will definitely be looking at your solutions first for any OPC or PLC connectivity projects we have in the future.

    Mark Vyshkin, Project Manager, Biotechnical Center, Riga, Latvia

  • December 2004

    Our product is Linux based and we previously spent a large amount of $$$$ to have a consultant develop a client for Linux. This 'client' did not allow server browsing and all configuration was via .ini files which had to be manually created. In addition, I spent two months integrating this into our existing product. The licensing fees alone were more than the original purchase price of OPCWare Client Developer professional and were per installation computer.

    An alternative was required, so I spent a week evaluating several Windows controls and found OPCWare to be the easiest to use and the support was almost immediate when I had a question. In total it took me three days from start to finish to integrate the OPCWareX control into our product. The cost of adding a Windows PC to our customer's facility is more than offset by the unlimited runtime licensing your product allows. OPCWare helped make me look like a genius to our company and will be my first stop for any further OPC development we require. Thanks guys.

    Chris Bowen, Senior Software Engineer with Syscon International, a leading real time plant information software manufacturer, South Bend, IN, USA

  • June 2004

    I do think that your software is the quickest, easiest, and most flexible of the ones that I have looked at. Also the support that I have received thus far on just evaluating your product has been great.

    Scott, Systems Engineer with a well known machine builder/OEM, USA

  • May 2004

    Before purchasing:

    For what it is worth, your demo version is working much better with my G & L server than the Company X demo is!

    ...later, after purchasing:

    "Another factor in my decision was that yours was the only demo I downloaded (and I downloaded quite a few) that I could make work with my server without any problem. I was able to browse the server and tags ... which gave me a higher level of confidence in your product.

    Eric, Applications Engineer with a multinational paper & pulp manufacturer, USA

  • April 2004

    We spent over twelve weeks developing and bug fixing our last HMI for the label printer which used VB with DDE. We developed the new HMI screens in just two days using Visual Basic, OPCWare Client Developer and the Markem OPC server. We no longer have to go on site to do bug fixes and our customer no longer has downtime issues. Data Layers will always be the first place I'll look when I have a requirement to connect software to a device or process.

    Donal, CTO of a vision sytems and software company specializing in the regulated industries, Ireland.

  • March 2004

    At the start of this project, I did not know where to start. I have worked with PLCs for years but they wanted me to read and write the I/O to and from a database. I knew nothing about VB, OPC or databases, and I did not think I could achieve what I have they call me the PLC data logging guru, but it was all straightforward with OPCWare Client Developer.

    John, Control Systems Engineer with a blue chip medical device manufacturer, Ireland.

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