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"XtraTimer™ is a High Resolution Multimedia Callback Timer. It is by far the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to achieve high performance timing functionality in Visual Basic."

  • Multimedia timers - fast and reliable
  • Countdown timers (events and callbacks)
  • Periodic timers (events and callbacks)
  • Highest accuracy interval timer (stopwatch)
  • Unlimited number of timer objects
  • Can be used without a VB form
  • Easy and powerful application debugging


XtraTimer™ provides high performance multimedia timer objects for sequential, synchronous timer events and OLE callbacks. This approach is good for predictable, deterministic, soft real-time control applications.

The unlimited number of timer events available in this particular Object are synchronous, i.e. if a timer event has been fired and the code is still being executed when another event is due, the due event will be suspended until the currently executing event is complete. This ensures sequential, single-threaded processing which is easy to debug in the VB IDE.

If all events are due together, the order of firing will be: Time events in order of [TimerIndex], followed by Countdown events in order of [CountdownIndex]. Unless the code in your timer events is slow to execute, this approach will work well. Obviously, if you are using a timer with an interval of 1ms, and if you put code in the event that takes 12 ms to execute, then you would only expect resolution of 12ms on the event. The same applies to code in any event or callback.

In some situations, such as printing or updating a database, it would be preferable to delegate this work to an asynchronous thread (or out-of-process) to avoid tying up the system with lengthy synchronous events.

Download XtraTimer

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Download the fully functional XtraTimer™ installation. This installation assumes you already have the MS Visual Basic 6 runtime (MSVBVM60.DLL) installed. Visual Basic Sample project is available here as a separately download, but it is also included in the full download.


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