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OPC Servers

We build OPC Servers to your specifications. We can use a device driver provided by you, we can use a device driver from our driver library, or we can develop a device driver especially for your equipment. [Enquire]

OEM OPC Server Program

For the machine builder and Originial Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), recurring costs are very important. If you are building multiple machines or systems that include an OPC server then you are probably paying OPC server license costs for each machine or system you build. If you are building hundreds or even just dozens of these machines or systems, the OPC server licensing costs don't take long to add up to serveral thousand dollars. This is why we introduced OPCWare OEM OPC Server program. [Enquire]

OPCWare OEM OPC Server program is the automatic choice for the best and most affordable OEM solutions for customer-specific OPC servers. OPCWare experts will analyse your device or equipment free of charge and without commitment. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by requesting a quotation for a solution to your OPC server requirements. [Enquire]

The benefits of the OPCWare OEM OPC Server program include:

  • Servers are built with your pre-defined tag structure, you or your customers don't need to configure tags, so you or your customers will be interacting with your equipment within minutes.
  • Our OPC servers work with most major HMI and SCADA packages including Wonderware, Proficy, RSView32, Genesis32, as well as Visual Basic, C++, Delphi, plus hundreds of other OPC Clients.
  • Communications protocol development capability for serial protocols, including ethernet encapsulation (serial/ethernet converters or virtual serial ports via TCP/IP).
  • OPC Data Access 2.05a & 3.00 Compliant, Compliance Certification option available.
  • NT Service capability available.
  • Multiple license purchase and royalty free options available.
  • Source code purchase and escrow account options available.
  • Based on proven OPC Server framework.
  • High performance, reliable, cost effective.
  • OPC test client included.


OPC Server Driver List

Our OPC servers can be configured to communicate with a wide range of instruments and devices. The following is a list of over 100 drivers which we currently have in our library, supporting hundreds of devices. Note that this list does not indicate all possible devices we can connect to. Even if you do not see a driver suitable for your device below, perhaps we can still offer a solution. We can even write a driver for you, and add it to our library. If we can't provide you with a solution, we will recommend one to you, so why not just ask?

The drivers listed below can all communicate using standard PC serial ports, either RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 (with the proper adaptor), including Serial/Ethernet converters. They can also communicate using TCP/IP virtual COM ports.

  1. Allen Bradley Full Duplex DF1 Protocol Driver
  2. Allen Bradley Half Duplex Protocol Driver
  3. Allen Bradley SLC-500 Full Duplex DF1 Protocol Driver
  4. Acromag Series 4600 I/O Processor Driver
  5. Advantech Adam Series 4000 Data Acquisition Modules Driver
  6. Afeisa Industrial Microcomputers Protocol Driver
  7. Algodue UPM Series Universal Power Meters Driver
  8. Alstom Courier Protocol Driver
  9. AND AD-4325V Weight Indicator Protocol Driver
  10. Arcom M1 Modbus Ascii Protocol Driver
  11. Arcom M1 Modbus RTU Protocol Driver
  12. Barber Colman model MAQ Temperature Controller Driver
  13. Driver for collecting Cewe and ION meters in Cammesa format
  14. Caterpillar CCM/M5X Protocol Driver
  15. Cewe Instruments Using IEC 1107 Data Protocol Driver
  16. Condensomatic CR-2000 Power Factor Controller Driver
  17. Cooper Power Systems Apparatus Controls Driver
  18. IG Instrumentos CORSAN RTU Protocol Driver
  19. ClimaVeneta CVM300-3000 Protocol Driver
  20. Circutor CVM-BD Memory Download Protocol Driver
  21. Circutor CVM-ITF/CVM-R8C Controllers Protocol Driver
  22. Circutor CVM-M Memory Peripheral Protocol Driver
  23. Circutor CVM-BD-M Modbus RTU Protocol Driver
  24. Cybelec DNC-20 Protocol Driver
  25. Daniel Industries Devices Protocol Driver
  26. Algodue Elettronica DLX Controller for VIP D3 Driver
  27. Ducati Mach-Smart Analyzer Protocol Driver
  28. Johnson Controls Metasys DX9100 Protocol Driver
  29. ElControl Energy VIPD3-485 Protocol Driver
  30. ElControl VIP Energy 485/ALM Protocol Driver
  31. Exemys SSE232 Serial/Ethernet Converter I/O Driver
  32. Foxboro 760CNA/760CSA Single Station Micro Controllers Driver
  33. Foxboro 761CNA/761CSA Single Station Micro Controllers Driver
  34. Foxboro 762C/762CSA/743CB Micro Controllers Driver
  35. Gatecit Additive Injectors Driver
  36. Carlo GAVAZZI Instruments Protocol Driver
  37. Gec Alsthom Addressable Relays IEC870 Protocol Driver
  38. GE Fanuc Series 90 SNP-X Protocol Driver
  39. Global Weighing MP 30 Protocol Driver
  40. Rosemount Hart Revision 4 Field Communications Protocol
  41. Hitachi PLCs EB/EC/EM-II Series Protocol Driver
  42. Hitachi PLC Serie H Protocol Driver
  43. Hitachi HIDIC S10 Alpha PLC H-7338 Protocol Driver
  44. Idec Micro3 Programmable Controller Protocol Driver
  45. Idec Open Net Controller Protocol Driver
  46. IEA Single-Loop Controllers Driver
  47. IG Instrumentos DataLogger 2 Channels Download Driver
  48. IG Instrumentos Evaporimeter Driver
  49. IG Instrumentos DataLogger 1 Channel Pluviometer Driver
  50. Swichtec SM20/Sm50 Intergy Mini Power Driver
  51. Izumi FA-3S/FA2-5M Communication Protocol Driver
  52. Izumi FA-1/1J/2/2J Peer to Peer Protocol Driver
  53. Izumi FA-1/1J/2/2J Network Protocol Driver
  54. Hitachi PLC Serie H Protocol Driver
  55. Koyo DL305 PLC Family Communications Driver
  56. Koyo DL405 PLC Family Communications Driver
  57. Lennox IMC System Bus Protocol Driver
  58. Tecnotrol LogicNET Communication Protocol Driver
  59. Modbus Enron ASCII Protocol Driver
  60. Mitsubishi Melsec-Q A-Compatible Protocol Driver
  61. Mitsubishi PLC FX Series Protocol Driver
  62. Modbus TCP Protocol Driver
  63. Gould Modicon Modbus ASCII Protocol Driver
  64. Gould Modicon Modbus RTU Protocol Driver
  65. Hayes Compatible Modem Dialer Driver
  66. NAIS Matsushita MEWTOCOL-COM Protocol Driver
  67. ADLink Technology NuDAM-601X Analog Input Modules Driver
  68. Omron Sysmac C20H/C28H/C40H Protocol Driver
  69. Opto22 I/O Optomux Modules Protocol Driver
  70. Power Measurement 3300 ACM Protocol Driver
  71. Power Measurement 3710 ACM Protocol Driver
  72. Power Measurement 3720 ACM Protocol Driver
  73. Power Measurement 6200 ION Protocol Driver
  74. Power Measurement 7300 ION Protocol Driver
  75. ABB Procontic T-200 Protocol Driver
  76. Red Lion Counters Protocol Driver
  77. Micro Axial RIAC Remote DAQ & Control Module Protocol Driver
  78. Fisher Controls ROC300 Protocol Communications Driver
  79. Siemens S5-90U/95U/100U With CP-521 Protocol Driver
  80. Siemens S5-115U/135U/150U With CP-524/525 Protocol Driver
  81. Siemens S7-200 Advanced PPI Protocol Driver
  82. Saia PCD Series S-BUS SS1 Network Protocol Driver
  83. Saia PCD Series Point to Point Protocol Driver
  84. Saia PCD Series S-BUS SS0 Network Protocol Driver
  85. Samsung FARA PLC CPU Port Protocol Driver
  86. Samsung SECTOCOL-COM/N70/N700 Protocol Driver
  87. Caipe SCD 80 Programmable Controller Driver
  88. Shimaden SD20 Series Digital Indicator Driver
  89. Shimaden SR50 Series Digital Controller Driver
  90. Simplex 4100 Fire Alarm Family Protocol Driver
  91. SixNet GTU Protocol Driver
  92. Square-D SY/MAX Point-to-Point Communications Protocol Driver
  93. Klockner-Moeller SUCOM-A Marker-Access Protocol Driver
  94. Serial Driver for Stations Running Taurus DOS/CS Software
  95. Texas Instruments TI-305 PLC Series Protocol Driver
  96. Texas Instruments TI-405 PLC Series Protocol Driver
  97. Texas Instruments TI-505 PLC Series NITP Protocol Driver
  98. Texas Instruments TI-505 PLC Series TBP Protocol Driver
  99. Telemecanique TSX Nano Modbus Protocol Driver
  100. IG Instrumentos TECPET/MNT Level Gauges Driver
  101. Honeywell UDC 3000 Universal Digital Controllers Driver
  102. Honeywell UDC9000 Controllers DMCS/Transparent Protocols Driver
  103. Umc600 Weight Indicator Protocol Driver
  104. Vilter Compressors Protocol Driver
  105. Westinghouse IMPACC System Communications Protocol Driver
  106. WIT-NET TRSII v4.7 Protocol Driver
  107. Yokowaga UT35/UT15/UM05 Controller Interface Driver
  108. Yokogawa UT37/UT38 Controller Interface Driver
  109. Zetron M173X Controller Communications Driver
  110. Zetron M1708/1716 Modbus Protocol Driver
  111. Zetron M1700 Controller Communications Driver

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June 2004 "I do think that your software is the quickest, easiest, and most flexible of the ones that I have looked at. Also the support that I have received thus far on just evaluating your product has been great." - Scott, Systems Engineer, Machine Builder/OEM, USA.


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