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Are you looking for the easiest way to use Excel as an OPC Client?

OPCWareXL is the essential OPC client tool for Excel users

"Use our OPC Excel Add-Ins to read and write your real time and historical process data in Excel, instantly."

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Instant spreadsheet access to OPC data

Automated reports and charts

Wizards for rapid data analysis

Front end GUIs

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"Your software has speeded up the development of the software part of our project and solved the problem we were facing with communications between MS Excel and a Siemens PLC. Installation and redistribution were clear and easy, and the support from you was excellent. We are going to use the product in our future projects as well."

Mark Vyshkin, Project Manager, Biotechnical Center, Riga, Latvia.

Excel OPC Client Applications

"Live PLC Connections for every engineer and manager in our plant"

"Instant access to historical data with query functions built into Excel"

Read, write and trend OPC data with MS Excel - click here to see screenshots

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OPCWareXL is Easy For End Users

Our product OPCWareXL will enable Excel to connect to OPC servers for a range of PLC types, including Allen Bradley, Siemens, GE Fanuc, Omron etc. Using a simple user interface (point and click) any cell(s) in your workbook can be linked to specific I/O point(s) in the PLC, so that if the value of the I/O changes, this is reflected in the Excel cell; and vice versa, if you write a value into an Excel cell, the value is written to the PLC I/O point. Links can also be configured as read-only or write-only.

OPCWareXL is a generic product that can be linked to a range of PLCs, but this is accomplished in conjunction with a second piece of software which is PLC-specific. This second piece of software is called an OPC server. So in fact you need two pieces of software to accomplish your goal. 1) OPCWareXL and 2) OPC server for PLC.

For end users such as operations personnel, who don't want the hassle of writing VBA in Excel, our Add-Ins are perfectly simple and ready to use. If you need something a little different, our professional services team can rapidly create customised Excel Add-Ins, which you can use to create your own reports without ever leaving the spreadsheet.

Use our Microsoft Excel OPC Client Add-Ins for real time and historical data access. These products support OPC DA and OPC HDA, with OPC AE coming soon. Or take it a step further and let Data Layers create a customized Microsoft Excel Add-In OPC solution for your company that soars above the rest, with built-in easy to use functions, automated reports, automated charts, wizards, data analysis and front end visualization GUIs.

Our Add-Ins seamlessly integrate with Excel to do whichever OPC tasks you require such as pre-formatted report templates, periodic OPC data acquisition, pre-scheduled reporting, generating reports when you need them, data analysis, trending, sending/writing of settings to the process controllers, exporting to web (html format).

In fact whatever you need to do to reduce downtime, improve yields, share process data with your team or with your management, and more.

Our OPC DA AddIn OPCWareXL gives real-time access to literally hundreds of PLCs (Allen Bradley, Siemens, GE Fanuc, Omron etc.), DCS (Delta-V, Yokagawa, Toshiba) and other process control devices (through a range of protocols including Modbus, Profibus, serial, ethernet, etc.), as well as HMI/SCADA systems (WinCC, RSView, InTouch, iFix, Indusoft, etc.). Our HDA Add-In gives instant access to historical databases such as Canary Trend Historian, Automsoft Rapid, OSI PI.

Without writing any code, OPCWareXL can be configured to act as a real-time bridge between systems from different vendors including PLCs, DCS and other process control devices, as well as HMI/SCADA systems.

Plant efficiency improvement cannot effectively begin without a clear picture of the present plant performance. Automatic Shop Floor Data Capture systems should start simple, collecting a select number of measures to get an improvement team involved and familiar with the technology and the benefits that it has to offer. OPCWareXL enables plant data to be loaded automatically and seamlessly into Microsoft Excel (without the need for writing any interfacing software).

What are the benefits of Shop Floor Data Capture? By identifying some initial key measures, then directly collecting data from inputs to and outputs from the manufacturing system, you get 100% accurate information on a quantitative basis about the performance and efficiency of the process. From this 100% accurate information, you now have the opportunity to clearly identify potential areas for improvement, and the expected results from these improvements. From this initial pilot, you can now expand to include other production areas or other plant objectives.

Why would I need such a package? You start from where you are. The Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC) Pilot Kit is completely independent from your existing manufacturing system. The SFDC Pilot Kit allows you to start very simply, then to make incremental steps in evolving the system. The SFDC Pilot Kit is comprised oftwo parts: A PLC, which gathers information from the plant sensors. PLC Reporter software, which provides the interface from the PLC to a MS Excel spreadsheet on your PC via a simple connection.

Who would be able to use such a package? Users of MS Excel will get results in minutes. The OPC links are very simple to set up requiring no programming for basic data collection.

Typical Applications: Collection of production information. Collection of downtime/uptime to present as efficiency report. Collection of production quality information and save as log for archive and traceability. For OEMs, as a testing and commissioning tool for the production of reports/graphs of machine function during design, set-up and commissioning.

Top 5 features that our users rate highly

(1) Read and Write OPC Server Data
OPCWareXL provides Excel users with instant, transparent access to read and write OPC server data. Our easy OPC configuration tool allows for the setup of Excel workbooks that can be opened and used by anyone who needs access to real time data.

(2) Multi-OPC Server Support
OPCWareXL can read and write data to and from from several different OPC servers at the same time. OPCWareXL supports OPC Data Access Standards 1.0 and 2.0. It operates with any local or remote OPC server.

(3) Easy Process Setup
Data can be read from the OPC server and stored into Excel cells, then written back to the controller at a later time to change the setup.

(4) Instant Updates
OPC item values received from the OPC server are displayed in the linked Excel cell(s) immediately. OPC item values written in the linked Excel cell(s) are written to the OPC server immediately. Take calculated values from Excel and send them into the PLC or other devices for immediate action, all done from within the spreadsheet.

(5) Extensibility Through VBA Macro Library
OPCWareXL exposes its macro function library to the Excel VBA environment. Users can write their own VBA code to use our macros in order to develop applications that require more complex OPC data manipulation.

Combine the OPCWare Add-In with other Add-Ins within Excel, such as Statistical Process Control and Design of Experiments to create a powerful suite of process improvement tools, ideal for use with such methodologies as six sigma, lean manufacturing etc.

OPCWareXL Excel Add-In is just the simplest way to exchange data between OLE for Process Control Process (OPC) Data Access Servers and Excel. [download]

Top 5 benefits to users of OPCWareXL

(1) Process connections = increased productiviy and quality
When managers, engineers and technicians are all able to read and write the real time process data that they need when they need it, their jobs become more effective.

(2) Little or No Training Required
This product is integrated into the Excel user interface and this makes it easier for the Engineer or Technician to become familiarized with the functions while setting up the OPC links, and creating standard Excel workbooks for distribution to the end users. For end users, data from equipment can be accessed with only a few clicks through the standard Excel friendly graphical user interface.

If you know how to use Excel then you will be instantly productive, because you will already be familiar with the front-end user interface. The OPCWare Add-In simply adds a new menu and/or toolbar to the existing Excel menu-bar.

(3) Fully Functional Out of the Box
OPCWareXL is fully functional out of the box with numerous real-world sample Excel workbooks and templates provided to get you kick-started.

(4) No Macros, No Installation or Security Headaches
With OPCWareXL, you can easily create fully functional spreadhseet applications without writing any code, and without the need for VBA macro code to run on end user's computers.

An OPCWare Excel Add-In is easy for your IT department to install, network and maintain.

(5) Unlimited OPC Connectivity
Unlike other software applications, there is no limit to the number of OPC servers or tags that you can connect to.

Top 5 reasons to buy OPCWareXL

(1) Great Value
With our attractive pricing structure, OPCWareXL is a cost effective solution.

(2) Simple and quick product activation
After we have received your order and payment is made, your license keycode(s) will be emailed to you. We endeavour to fulfill all orders within 12 hours, but please allow up to two business days. Or let us know if you are in a rush!

(3) Flexible purchasing options
If you do not wish to order online by credit card, you can place an order using other methods such as bank wire, phone, fax and mail/check/money order. Click the Buy Now links to proceed with any of these options. We also accept Purchase Orders. Contact the sales desk if you need any more details.

(4) One single payment
There is no monthly fee, no annual fee, no hidden cost.

(5) 30 day money back guarantee
With our 100% unconditional 30 day money back guarantee, you can't go wrong!

For Developers

If you are a VBA programmer, you can easily use OPCWare Client Developer with Excel and VBA to create daily, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc reports for your end users. Want to know how? Get the full Excel sample spreadsheet featuring historical trending, periodic and manual updates in the free download.

Excel and OPC can be used as a common interface gateway between PLC, DCS and control devices from different vendors. OPC Servers are available for most PLCs including Siemens, Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, Omron, IDEC, Koyo/AutomationDirect, Mitsubishi. There are also off-the-shelf OPC servers supporting protocols such as Modbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, CAN, Fieldbus which are available with literally hundreds of devices. OPCWare is the glue that binds all these OPC servers together in your applications. Let us know which devices you need to connect to, and we will receommend the most suitable configuration. [ask us]

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OPCWareXL is an OPC Certified Product, and has been successfully tested with a range of OPC servers at the OPC Foundation Interoperability workshop - click here to see results

OPC Certified ™ Product

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"I do think that your software is the quickest, easiest, and most flexible of the ones that I have looked at. Also the support that I have received thus far on just evaluating your product has been great." - Scott, Systems Engineer, Machine Builder/OEM, USA.


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