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01 December 2007 - OPCWareXL Version 1.0.17 released
OPC Item History can now be written to adjacent cells, for trending and logging etc. Find out [more].

01 November 2006 - OPCWareXL Version 1.0.16 released
This release includes internal optimizations for improved speed and efficiency, and some bug fixes. Find out [more].

22 May 2006 - OPCWareXL Version 1.0.15 released
Several new features and functions have been introduced, so many we can't list them all here. Find out [more].

03 May 2005 - Data Layers products validated to OPC Foundation's specifications
Data Layers were invited by the OPC Foundation to participate at the Interoperability Workshop 2005, at Tampa, FL, USA. As the only company from Ireland or the UK in attendance, Data Layer's products flew the flag well with no interoperability issues outstanding at the end of the week.

The goal of this workshop, taking place from April 25th to 29th, was to offer an oportunity for the 27 participating companies to test their system´s compatibility with one another, and check their functionality when interoperating. The interoperability of all interfaces and functions stipulated by OPC Foundation specifications was validated, as well as optional interfaces, whenever possible.

"This event is crucial for the ongoing development of our products incorporating OPC standards. In this workshop we validated OPCWare Client Developer, OPCWare HDA Client Developer, OPCWare XL DA and OPCWare XL HDA for all interoperability tests", says Neil Kingston, Data Layers´s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

The event consisted of consecutive, one-hour long test sessions, during which several client/server combinations were tested. Concurrently, all test results were documented, in an effort to improve the OPC Foundation's protocol specifications.

Other participating companies included Iconics, ABB, Siemens, Rockwell, Invensys (Wonderware & AIM), Kepware, InGear, Emerson (DeltaV), Software Toolbox, OSISoft (PI), Yokogawa, Honeywell, Matrikon, Woodhead, Cyberlogic, Canary Labs.

For further information, refer to the OPC Foundation´s website, at

04 November 2004 - Data Layers launches all new website
Our website has been revamped to make it even easier than ever before to find out about our products and services online.

08 October 2004 - Data Layers launches improved online shopping
We have teamed up with two secure payment processors, Plimus and, to offer online shopping for our OPC products. Special promotional prices apply.

15 September 2004 - Data Layers joins the OPC Foundation
Data Layers becomes a full corporate member of the OPC Foundation. This represents our committment to continued support of the OPC standards and specifications, and gives increased confidence to our customers in the quality of our OPC products.

26 April 2004 - Data Layers release Version 2.0.0 of OPCWare Client Developer
We have released Version 2.0.0 of OPCWare Client Developer, our ActiveX OPC client toolkit. The new release includes samples for C#.NET 2003 as well as VB.NET 2003, Delphi 6, VC++, MS Excel and of course VB6. OPC programming is now even easier than ever before. This latest version 2.0.0 offers significant functional enhancements over Version 1.0.13, as well as an improved installation process, improvements in robustness, better performance, detailed documentation, and extra sample programs, to name but a few of the improvements.

01 April 2004 - New OPC Client product for German market
Langner Communications AG announces the release of PowerOPC Client Developer, an OPC client toolkit based on OPCWare Client Developer, designed and produced by Data Layers and marketed by Langner for the German market.

30 January 2004 - A First in the World for Data Layers
The source code for our Visual Basic pure custom interface OPC Client toolkit is now available for sale.

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